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Small Business Growth | Work Flow

We like to be transparent and share the process with our clients.

Scroll through our first 5 months Work Flow and check out an estimated result schedule.

We understand that every business is unique and always adjust our approach to meet the needs of your business.


We start from doing a full audit of your website. We test your digital marketing and creative, UI/UX, speed, quality of images, content. If you run ads we check their CTR, do the SEO, backlinks and social media accounts analysis.



At the end of the 3 Days Free Audit we have lots of information about your business, your competitors and weak spots in your digital marketing and creative process. Now it’s time to brainstorm and come up with a unique strategy that meets the needs of your business perfectly!

We never run ads, do SEO or design before we agree on a clear strategy.

There is a big difference between “strategy” and “tactic”. Tactic is how to win a battle, strategy is a question “Do we even need a battle?”

Yeah, maybe you don’t need an Instagram account, but are you 100% sure you do not need White pages?

Design, Design, Re-design. Change it here and edit there. Start again!

While our design team is working on your corporate identity – colors, logo, fonts etc, our marketing team saves every minute of your time and budget and is adding you to all digital platforms you will need in future. It’s White Pages, Yellow Pages, Maps, Facebook and other  Social Media you did not know even exist. Depending on our strategy we will create from 50 to 200 business profiles for you.

Profiles on websites that nobody visits.  

Yes, nobody, but Google!

We think that Web Design is the most important part of Digital Marketing. Here is what we work on to make sure your company gets the best Web Design experience.

UI (User Interface)

UX (User Experience

Fast and high quality HTML/CSS script

SEO Friendly web elements

All must have plugins

Modern original design

Easy to follow navigation

Mobile friendly – fully responsive website


It’s not just a web design. It’s a Pre-SEO approach from the start

While our designers are working on bringing the web site together, our marketing team starts to boost your social media. We come up with a  strategy for the upcoming year, create month to month social media feed and set up a schedule for your posts. We add your company to all business related groups. We know how to boost your Social Media Profiles organically without spending a cent.

Now our website is ready to meet the clients! We do not stop there and design up to 5 landing pages for you focusing on the specific products and services for a specific target.

We integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Web Master Tools, Semrush, Ahrefs etc into your website. You are going to have a 24hr access to the website traffic and ads activities. We will send you a weekly audience report, behavior flow and website heatmaps (visitors footprints, content they read and like most).

Analytics is a Holy Grail of every Digital Marketer. We do not like to hold forth, we like to show numbers. We never try to guess which ad is going to work, we just do math.


Brand Research

Full brand audit. Competitors and target research. Marketing strategy from Logo to SEO

Brand Identity

Creation of corporate logo, fonts and colors, cosistent style of website design and images

Web Design

Development of a responsive SEO friendly website with supporting landing pages


Design of the best possible intuitive website with easy navigation


Development of SEO friendly website, on-page optimization, keywords research, link building, meta tags, blogging

Design & Multimedia Kit

Design of social media ads, 30 seconds video ads, infographics, newsletters, covers, banners etc

Social Media Marketing

Planning and creation of the customized content and top-performing social media campaigns

Digital Advertising

Paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Googe. Smart and cheap Pay Per Click advertising

Personal Blogger

Creation of quality and engaging content for a targeted audience, including Facebook and Instagram posts schedule, articles, blogs, tweets

Email Marketing

Promotion and news announcements, newsletters and etc for constant contact with your current and potential customers


Integration of digital marketing analytics tools for constant collection of data and developing successful digital marketing plans

A/B Testing

No guesswork, only testing, analyzing and optimizing! Increasing conversion rates by testing photos, content button colors etc