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Antology is a creative digital marketing and web design agency based in New-York.

We help small businesses and local companies to stand against the digital competition.

From digital marketing and content creation to web design and e-commerce development, we are more than just a web design company.

We are your next digital partner!



Small Business Growth


We skyrocket your business in 3 easy steps! 1. Good Web Design 2.Cheap Ad Clicks 3. WhiteHat SEO.

Yes, it’s that simple! But every step needs tons of details and hard work. We love what we do and are passionate about helping Local Businesses. We helped one of our recent clients grow 600% in the first 6 months!

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Our team creates every part of content ourselves, in house, through a fully integrated, video and digital production model, and then play a hands-on role in distribution and engagement efforts.

Yeah our creative team has some National and International Awards!

But when it comes to creative decisions our Ego takes zen position and…

In Google Analytics we trust! 


We do Websites from scratch.

We do IOS and Android Apps for your business.

We work with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerse, App Store, Play Market. it doesn’t matter you are a small local store or Crystal Water Bottle. We know how to help you get the best results. We can integrate any platform you need to Grow Your Business. 

Yes we do App Store SEO if needed.




Knowing that you are a Small Business Owner we never offer you unnesessary products and services which are necessary only for Big Business Marketing. We are cheap, we are transparent, we hate ripping off clients money. Our Goal is to make you grow not to make you overpay. So before offering you any kind of service, paid platform or asset we test it first!

Our unique GHOST tactic helps us predict and what your business really needs.



On a weekly basis we will send you updates on the website traffic, social media impact, ad performance, design and content updates, leads, conversions, SEO reports and organic keyword results, blog traffic, webstie speed, customer behavior flow, website heat maps, all must have infographics every small business needs.


One of the winning techniques in digital marketing is A/B testing! We constantly change and test headlines, content, button colors etc. We do changes every minute at every step of the way to see what works best! We optimize your website no matter how cool it looks. It’s not about what you or us think is good, it’s about what your clients think is good!


We believe that Digital Marketing and Design is a synchronized team-work. Our 10 years of experience shows that lack of connection between a designer and a developer lead to misunderstanding and delays even if they both do their best.

Communication between these two introvert natures is one of the keys factors in meeting the deadlines and delivering the best product!

Lucky you that Antology is one of the few teams having both Tech & Art professionals working hand in hand in Brooklyn!


Why Work With Us?

Digital Marketing Company

WHO WE ARE: Antology is a Brooklyn SEO Company and Full Digital Marketing Agency based in New York.

WHAT WE DO: We design beautiful websites and help you boost your business using innovative digital marketing and social media tools. We work with clients across the globe who range from bloggers and one man businesses to small and large companies. We make it personal! We get to know your brand, understand your needs, combine them with our knowledge and creativity and deliver custom websites that really stand out!

We Use Integrated Approach to Web Development

  • Research & Analytics
  • Web Design & UX – user oriented clean layout, easy navigation, science of typography and color
  • Web Development – Responsive, easy to manage, SEO friendly, multilingual WordPress solutions
  • SEO & Optimization – Sign-Ups & Sales growth. Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital Marketing – Help your potential customers find out about you, make your existing customers talk about you

Let’s find the best solution to grow your business! Drop your contact and we will send you full Digital Marketing Audit for FREE.

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